The R&D team was established to ensure the quality of our products, which is essential to the company’s success. The goals of the R&D group are to improve the quality of existing products, to meet the market needs, to develop new products, and to provide technical assistance & service to our customers. The R&D can help our customers to improve their technical level and to solve their problems, and also maintain a leading position in the field of ink manufacturing. To achieve these purposes, we have purchased precision instruments and continuously educate the members of the R&D group. In order to improve the quality and technical level of our R&D group, we have a long-term cooperation contract with the well-known Ink Company in Germany and also have research projects with the academic institute. We dispatch our R&D members to accept training in Germany every year, and invite professors to participate in our R&D discussions. So far the R&D group has had marked progress in the past few years by utilizing these R&D resources and it will keep improving in the future.