About Us

Great World Ink & Paint Company, Ltd., abbreviated as GWIP, are a major ink producer and also a technology leader in that field. The company was established in 1981 with its main office located in Tainan, Taiwan. Presently, it has two manufacturing locations, one in Tainan, Taiwan and the other in Dong-Kwang, China. The company has several sales offices in Taiwan and southeast China that provide superior service and delivery to customers. The company operates with a strict QC system and a strong R&D team to guarantee customers the top products and consultation to customers’ problems.

To meet the demands of a constantly changing market and customers and to provide our customers with top grade products, the company has invested heavily in R&D for new product development and quality assurance to keep pace with the world’s top grade products. GWIP is the first company in the ink-manufacturing field to receive the ISO-9002 and ISO-9001 certification, and is also the first company to pass the audition of ISO-9001: 2000 Ed. The recent installation of advanced production equipment from Germany is just another example that shows our determination to up-grade our company from being a traditional manufacturer into a high-tech enterprise. Our R&D team consists of top graduates from leading universities and a team of consulting professors to satisfy the customer’s needs. The technology enhancement program for small and intermediate sized enterprises offered by the Ministry of Economy in Taiwan, has enabled us to setup a technology center at the nearby National Cheng Kung University allowing academic exchange with the professors there. In addition, GWIP has joined into the group of PIT and is a member of its board of directors. PIT origins are from DLH who is a senior water-based ink supplier in Germany. After joining the PIT, GWIP can cross communicate with PIT intensively and acquire high technical information without limit. GWIP also has its own resin suppliers who have an advanced R&D center. By getting support from these groups, GWIP can research and develop products that meet current and future demands.

Besides development of new products, the company demands each employee to strive for top quality products to meet customers’ expectations. The company also emphasizes the welfare and personal development of each employee in order to achieve the goal of whole management. Therefore “Company Whole Quality Control” is one of our major policies for continuous operation.

Viewing the future development of the company, we are not satisfied with receiving the ISO-9001 award but will strive further to meet the challenges of future market and customer’s demands. Our growth depends on our employee’s devotion, the customer’s trust and also on our grasp of market trends.

Great World Ink & Paint Company, Ltd., is committed to growing internationally by producing multiple products. The company is willing to share its profits with the employees and customers and is also committed to meeting its social obligations.

Great World Ink & Paint Co., Ltd. is a major Ink Manufacturer and also a technology pioneer in Ink industry.  We provide Gravure Printing Ink, Packaging Ink, Solvent-based Ink, Water-based Ink, Spraying Ink, Solvent-based Ink for Screen Printing and Solvent-based Ink for Gravure Printing.  Since we take care of our environment, we introduce Water-based Ink to protect our surroundings in recent years.  Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in Water-based Ink, Solvent-based Ink and Gravure Printing Ink.

‧Main Product:
   ‧Gravure Printing Ink
   ‧Packaging Ink
   ‧Water-based Ink
   ‧Solvent-based Ink
   ‧Solvent-based Spraying Ink